Obama’s Losing Big with Men and Independents

Okay, so we had a news report, an analyst opinion from CBS that there are simply not enough women voters that Obama could get that can make up for the gender gap that Obama has in men. And it is a fact. We talk about the female vote all the time, but you don’t win without a majority of men. That’s generally the rule. There are exceptions to it of course.

But if you look at all of these polls, the real gap is in independents. Now, I don’t have any details on the Gallup today. The Gallup poll has tightened. It was Romney plus five. Now it’s Romney plus two. Just get ready. I told you that the Gallup’s an outlier out there. Gallup are the only people that had this at five or six. They finished number 15 or 16 in terms of accuracy in 2008.

But being out there with Romney five or six… And being sued by the Justice Department, pressured by Obama campaign guy, Axelrod? You put Romney plus five or plus six, and you’ve got room to move Romney down to plus three. And then you can say Obama’s surging. And if you want, you can peg it to the debate on Monday night. And right on cue, the Drive-Bys are reporting an Obama surge today in the Gallup poll.



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