Obama’s 2008 Lies Don’t Work Anymore

And to the extent that it’s been discussed, Obama has gotten away with saying, (paraphrasing) “That wasn’t ours. That was started under the Bush administration, and we saw parts of it that we liked and we got rid of stuff that wasn’t working.” And the media goes, “Way to cover for it, Barack, that’s right,” and that’s what they say. All of it’s lies. All of it lies.

But, Tom, let me tell you who didn’t buy the lies, and that’s the Univision audience. And nobody is talking about this save for me and a woman named Molly Ball who wrote about it in The Atlantic. Obama did that one-hour Univision appearance and they raked him over the coals, and that’s a huge Hispanic audience. They raked him over the coals over his empty promise on immigration reform. He hasn’t done anything. And Romney was right about that. Obama hadn’t filed anything, not proposed anything, nothing. Fast and Furious, he was hit on that, and on that Univision show, the host of that show asked Obama point-blank, “Shouldn’t Eric Holder be fired?” They hit Obama point blank, and he lied and he told ’em it was a Bush administration program.

The Bush administration program was called Wide Receiver. It tracked the weapons. It was a failure of a program and they shut it down two years before Obama took office. The Obama regime liked the program, because they wanted to use it to curtail the Second Amendment. That’s what Fast and Furious was. It was an effort to create mayhem with American guns so the media could report in outrage deaths committed with easily acquired AK-47s that easily ended up in the hands of Mexican drug lords. And the reason they easily ended up in the hands of drug lords is because that was the Obama policy.



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