Obama Warns: Don’t “Talk Down” Economy

He’s out in Virginia. And he’s telling this lie that Romney doesn’t know that there’s a tax break for outsourcing jobs. There isn’t. But even if there were, Obama has been president for four years. Why hasn’t he fixed it?

He had a Democrat Congress for two years. And I’m watching the mind-numbed robots sitting behind Obama at his campaign appearance in Fairfax, and there’s this white-haired seasoned citizen smiling big time, and I’m thinking, “You’re the biggest idiot I’ve seen today, lady! There is nothing to laugh about; there’s nothing to smile about. You’re sitting there behind a guy that’s a pathological liar telling all this bohunk about Romney.”

Okay, let’s just assume that there is a tax break for outsourcing and that Romney doesn’t know about it. There isn’t, and Obama is continuing with the lie that Romney wants to cut taxes for the rich to the tune of $5 trillion. He’s back to that. How many times in the debate did Romney deny it? Three times! So, that doesn’t matter. Anyway, if there’s a tax break for outsourcing jobs, then why the hell haven’t you done anything about it?

You’ve been president for four years, you little Alinskyite!



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