Obama: That Wasn’t the Real Romney

Here’s Obama at a campaign rally. This illustrates many of the points I was making in the first hour about the libs not knowing what happened to them last night. They do not understand conservatism. They reject it. They don’t take it seriously. It’s a home for kooks and extremists and oddballs and a very, very small number of people are conservative and they’re all hicks and that kind of stuff. And Obama, as such, doesn’t really know how to deal with conservatism when hit with it. They end up believing the caricatures of us that they manufacture.

You know what they think of me. You’ve seen it for 25 years. Racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, lies, purposely misstates the facts, all these things. They really think that. They never listen to this program. Up until my national radio show started, nobody ever thought I hated anybody. After a week on the radio, guess what? I was a hater. Just because I was conservative. That’s the cliche. So they’ve done the same with Romney. They’ve created this caricature, and they’ve put this caricature in ads, and Romney’s a felon and Romney’s a guy who lets a guy’s wife die, and Romney’s a guy that screws the country and has all of his money in the Cayman Islands. He said to a bunch of donors he doesn’t care about half the country. As far as he’s concerned they can die and just wilt away. They believe this.

See, that’s the thing that people don’t understand. They believe these caricatures they create. We understand liberalism. I know it as well as they do. I explain it more honestly than they do before I nuke it each day numerous times on this program. They can’t explain conservatism. They don’t take it seriously, they’ve never studied it. It’s not worth their time. So last night they ran up against, for the most part, 90 minutes of solid conservatism, and they don’t know what hit ’em.



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