Obama Supporters Threaten To Kill Romney If He Wins Election

Having already threatened to riot if Obama is unsuccessful in securing a second term, Obama supporters are also flooding Twitter with threats to assassinate Mitt Romney if he wins the presidential election. As we reported yesterday, innumerable Obama supporters spoke of their plans to provoke violence and mayhem if Obama lost, aggrieved at fears that Mitt Romney would take away government handouts.

However, it seems that threats to assassinate Romney are proving just as popular on the social network as threats to riot. Twitchy first reported on the death threats on Sunday but a deluge of new ones have flooded in since.

While the Secret Service routinely harasses Americans for criticizing Obama, in one recent case vowing to investigate a man who hung an empty chair from a tree in his garden in reference to Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech, or even merely making a political You Tube video, there is no indication that any of the Twitter users who made these threats will be investigated.



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