Obama Campaign in Panic Mode

Now, we can look at this two different ways. I am not on the Obama mailing list, but members of my staff are, to be able to keep my inbox from becoming infected. I got people, I’m not gonna give their names, I don’t want the Obama people to know who they are. But we’re on their mailing list, their fundraising mailing list, this kind of stuff, the WhiteHouse.gov, Americans for Forward Action, whatever the hell his groups are. Doesn’t matter. We get ’em all. And one of them that I saw this week was (paraphrasing) “I really want to win this election. Not for me and Michelle. We will be fine.” (We are already rich). It didn’t say that, the implication. What else can it possibly mean? We will be fine. We want to win this election for you.

It was pathetic. It was not the kind of thing that a confident candidate, particularly an incumbent, sends out. Now, you get one urging people to take advantage of early voting. Just go out, any which way you can, folks, go out there and vote for me. Byron York has a story in the Washington Examiner about Obama in Ohio grinding. Now, I told you about that word earlier this week. I mean, it’s pretty self-explanatory what it means, but, for example, on the golf course. You know, golf is a — well, any sporting activity. Some days you have it, some days you don’t. And when you don’t have it, and you’re trying to get it back is when you’re grinding. You’re really struggling. You’re really working it. You’re expending far more conscious effort than on those days when it just seems to be happening and flowing.

So Byron York has this headline: “Obama Grinding in Ohio.” PMSNBC today had one of their chyron graphics: “Obama Grinding.” I think they might have even used the word “grounding” to combine the two in getting his ground troops going and he was grinding it out. Now, to me, and this is where I get in trouble with the fatalists. When I see something like that, and a campaign that is trying to get votes based on Big Bird or Romnesia? This is the kind of stuff that traditionally, go back and look. This is not my opinion. Go back and look, losing campaigns, the media will tell you, by the way, the media’s even writing this! Certain reporters are writing that the Obama campaign feels like others that lost.



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