Are you kidding me? Hillary Clinton has gone to Peru? Is that not great? I mean, just get outta Dodge. They’re dumping all over her, they’re throwing her under the bus, they’re throwing Bill under the bus, and she decamps to Peru in the middle of all this?

So Obama’s cramming for the next debate at a golf resort, but they didn’t let him take his clubs. I mean, that’s torture. That’s like taking somebody to a whorehouse and moving all the women out. They took him to a golf resort and didn’t let him take his clubs. Now, he could still go rent some if he wants to.

Anyway, I’m stuck here, folks. I’m getting confused. Is Obama blaming Hillary for his debate performance or is he… no, he’s blaming Hillary for foreign policy, for Benghazi, for lack of intel. Who did he blame for his bad debate performance? Oh, that’s it, John Kerry. He blamed John Kerry. He blames Bush for the economy. He blames John Kerry for the bad debate. He’s blaming Biden — no, they’re saying Biden won that debate, if you read it. Obama’s begging people: Read the transcript, you’ll see that Biden won it. Even Martha Raddatz, the second Democrat at the debate with Biden and Paul Ryan, said, (paraphrasing) “Well, Biden was just too big. He was just too big at the debate.” Meaning he was making too many noises. He was laughing too much. He was gesticulating too much. We got the audio sound bites coming up.

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