Obama, Biden and Their Minions in the Media Insult the Intelligence of Women

The insult today is a small comment made by Mitt Romney to illustrate how eager he was to find qualified women when he was governor of Massachusetts. It has been blown up into a comment that they’re trying to make you believe makes Romney a sexist. This binder comment that he made and now how the president and the vice president and the media are running with this?

NBC News, the Nightly News, and the Today show today had a story: “Romney’s ‘Binders’ Comment Shows He ‘Doesn’t Have Any Leg to Stand On’ With Women.” I’d like to know from women: What is it like to be this insulted every day? The president of our country and the major media in this country every day insult you by telling you things that you apparently don’t know about what Republicans want to do to you.

And how they look at you. And the things they want to make you do. And you’re no different than just a loose-leaf binder. What’s it like to be routinely insulted like this? What’s it like to be targeted in a way that makes you feel like they think you don’t even have a brain. And then to hear that these people, the ones who are insulting your intelligence, are the ones be who “really” are looking out for you?

What is it like to have to put up with this infantile wording from the president and the media every day during this campaign?



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