No Tasteless Political Jokes at Left’s Expense as Hurricane Sandy Approaches Blue States

In August, the left found it amusing to speculate about Divine judgment when Hurricane Isaac seemed to be approaching Tampa, FL as the Republican National Convention began.

Even when Isaac veered west and followed a similar path to that taken by Hurricane Gustav in 2008–which also coincided with the Republican convention, in St. Paul, MN–and Hurricane Katrina in 2005, some on the left celebrated the GOP’s misfortune.

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on heavily Democratic mid-Atlantic and northeast states, no one, left or right, is joking.

To recall:

Samuel L. Jackson tweeted that it was “unfair” that the GOP had been spared the wrath of the hurricane (and quickly apologized).

Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm said of Hurricane Isaac, and its potential effect on the Republican National Convention: “I guess God has ways to shut that whole thing down.”



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