Mother of American Slain in Benghazi Tells CNN How the Obama Regime Lied to Her

They’re purposely lying to this mother. Their son died because of this movie. Their son did not die because of a movie. He died because of a terror attack that our consulate was not prepared for. It’s no more complicated than that. Who is this woman, Pat Smith? She’s an American. Her son is killed in action. She’s a real woman. You know, these people, Obama, Susan Rice, everybody, the political class, the elites, whatever they want, they can have. The House dining room, Senate dining room, get whatever they want, doesn’t cost much. Health care, they don’t have to worry about it. Take an Air Force plane to fly home, Air Force One, what have you.

These are people that get thrilled in life over things that the political class in this country takes for granted. The political class probably makes fun of going to McDonald’s or Olive Garden. To these people it might be a treat. These are real Americans. I mean, this woman, who knows what her economic circumstances are. But her son’s dead, killed in action because this government did not care enough or wasn’t smart enough to take adequate security precautions at an embassy on 9/11. When family sees its son or daughter go off to the military, the one thing that they always trust is that their country’s looking out for ’em, that their government’s personally invested because they so appreciate the gesture, the volunteering that takes place when people join the military.

These are real people. Their lives are not glamorous. They’re probably very hard right now, most people’s lives are. They don’t have time to be worried about focus groups and how they look on television and whether or not they were polite enough in the debate or whatever. The political class lives in an entirely different universe, and it’s one of privilege and entitlement compared to the people who make this country work and to the people who have as members of their family volunteers who join the military, to defend and protect everybody else. All this woman wants to know — she’s not asking for anything. She just wants to know what happened. Why is her son dead? How did it happen? And they still have the gall to tell her it’s a video.



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