Mitt Used the Debate to Demonstrate His Knowledge of the World and Ability to Lead

Now, let’s admit something. We’re two weeks out. I am decided. I have made up my mind and nothing is changing it, right? And the same thing I bet for all of you. And on the left, they made up their mind. Nothing could have happened last night to change the committed voters for either candidate. Who’s left? Who’s left out there? Whoever they are, that was the objective of last night’s strategy. And once I figured it out — and I will admit it took me a half hour to figure out what was going on.

I had alarm bells going off. I had red flags raising. But then it all made perfect sense. Once I understood what was going on, it all made perfect sense. Romney’s riff about China, the specifics of the riff on China didn’t matter. What mattered was when you watched, “My God, this guy knows his stuff. This guy knows his stuff.” Well, let me take that back. One thing. To the extent that the substance mattered, Romney spoke up for people in this country who’ve lost their jobs to cheap Chinese currency, labor, and so forth in a positive way. I think Romney on the whole China thing ended up winning.

You don’t? Hm-hm. Hm-hm. Well, yeah, but we’re already in a trade war with the ChiComs. We’re in the midst of an unfair trade balance. There’s a major imbalance and he did correct Obama on that. But again, I think for me, anyway, once I understood the strategy, who he was trying to appeal to and how he was trying to appeal to them, he wasn’t stumped on anything. He didn’t not know anything. Whatever came up, he knew it; he knew the details; he knew what he would do about it. Whatever it was. With foreign policy, America’s standing in the world — at this stage of the campaign, those are the kind of things that mattered to the audience he was attempting to reach.



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