Michigan Ballot Measure Could Protect Drug-Dealing Teachers

A teachers’ union contract in Bay City, MI, has become a focal point in the battle over a ballot measure in that state that seeks to provide legal guarantees for union collective bargaining agreements — and invalidate laws that conflict with those agreements.

The contract allows teachers to show up for work drunk five times, or under the influence of drugs three times, before being fired. Under the agreement, a teacher caught selling drugs to students would be reprimanded, but fired only for repeating the offense.

The union contract expired in June, but Bay City schools will operate under its provisions until the city agrees to a new one. Bay City officials have not said whether the new contract will retain these provisions.

The contract has received attention of late due to a ballot measure known as Proposal 2, which would enshrine collective bargaining agreements in law, overturning a state law that prohibits unions from collectively bargaining on disciplinary issues.



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