Media Outraged by Obama Betrayal

Fox was not invited to participate in the conference call where the State Department admitted to everybody else in the news business that there was no intel that said a video was responsible, and that there was no spontaneous protest out there. And she’s right, we played you the video already today. Susan Rice, our UN ambassador, went out with specific detail about how this protest started from nothing. It was a copycat of what had gone on earlier today in Cairo, and it just built and built and built, and finally, finally, the word of the video spread, it got so many people so mad that it just exploded. All lies. Every bit of it lies. Specific, word by word, lies. And she’s also right that this should be a front page scandal all over Washington, DC, and the TV networks.

So Fox News breaks the story along with Eli Lake at The Daily Beast, who’s been doing some great work on covering the cover-up at the State Department/White House of the Libya attack. Then Fox is excluded from the State Department conference call where they basically fess up. Do you think the other media protested that Fox was left out? You look at the New York Times print edition today and you will not find one word about this story.

You will not find one word in the New York Times print edition.

You won’t find it on the front page. No mention of the Libya revelations on the front page of the New York Times. Although they do report, breathlessly, that Bain Capital does a little business with China (twenty years after Romney has left them). But nothing on the front page about this. This is not front page news to the New York Times that the regime lied and the State Department is now ‘fessing up that the video had nothing to do with it.



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