Let’s go to the audio sound bites. I mentioned at the top of the program the Frank Luntz focus group that Hannity had on Fox. This is funny. I got a text from my brother when Hannity promoted the Luntz focus group, David said, “Oh, oh, no, I hope Luntz doesn’t have his usual group of liberals put together.” And then when Luntz’s group showed up and started talking, David said, “I gotta eat my words, this is a great group.” Here it is. We’ve got three bites. Frank Luntz in Las Vegas last night. I think he’s in Vegas. Yeah. I think at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas. And Luntz said, “Something remarkable happened tonight. Nevada has seen more campaign ads than any other state. How many of you voted for Barack Obama in 2008? A lot of people. How many of you are staying with Barack Obama in 2012? How many of you switched and are now supporting Mitt Romney in 2012? We had a change here.”

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