Low-Rent Drive-By Media: 2008 is in the Past and Americans are Racists Again

This is October 27th. This was Saturday. This is more of what I believe to be evidence that the Drive-By Media knows what’s about to unfold next week and that they’re panicking. The AP had a story on a poll, and the result of their poll is that a majority of Americans harbor prejudice against blacks. US News. And from Friday, “Polls Show Widening Racial Gap in Presidential Contest.” On Friday, the Washington Post ran a story talking about how more and more white people don’t want to vote for the black guy anymore because they’re racist. It was followed on Saturday by an AP poll which said that more white Americans are racist than ever before. The AP is particularly egregious.

“Those views could cost Obama votes as he tries for re-election, the survey found, though the effects are mitigated by some Americans’ more favorable views of blacks.”

Folks, this is last ditch desperation bottom-of-the-barrel unseemly. It’s the Obama administration that wrote off the white working-class vote last year, almost one year ago. That now famous column by Thomas Edsall in the New York Times announcing that the Obama campaign was writing off the white working-class vote. They’d lost the bitter clingers. They weren’t going to be campaigning for them. What they were going to be doing instead was trying to suppress those votes. So here it is a year later, and the AP says that this new racist attitude among whites in America could cost Obama votes as he tries for reelection. This is outrageous, as far as I’m concerned. This is beyond the pale.

These same people voted for Obama four years ago. These same white people voted for him. So they’ve become racists in four years? They’ve become full-fledged unmitigated racists in four years? These same white people who were heroes four years ago, now the AP’s got a poll out that shows they’ve all become racist? They’re racists and their guilt is no longer sufficient to make them vote for Obama. Those views could cost Obama votes as he tries for reelection. So if you don’t want to be called a racist, you had better vote for Obama. And nevermind that blacks’ prejudice for Obama does cost Romney votes. Is there any doubt about that? Obama’s gonna get, what, 95% of the black vote? That’s obviously gonna cost Romney some votes, but we don’t care about that, no, no, no, no, no. The majority harbor prejudice against blacks. Who knew?



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