Left Wants Obama to Postpone the Election

I told you it was gonna happen. It wasn’t hard. I predicted it even before Jay Carney’s press conference yesterday. I predicted that there would be media outlets who would urge Obama to move the election. The president has no power whatsoever to do this. The president cannot do it. The fact that so many people want the president to is alarming because it indicates how many people would be comfortable with that kind of autocratic, totalitarian power.

But in our constitutional system, the president has no say. I hate to tell you this, but the president can’t do a thing about this. He can go on TV, and he can suggest and he can cajole and he could talk about “fairness” and all that, but he can’t do anything. The Constitution sets the terms of the election. The states determine whether the elections are, the federal government and states together.

Congress requires the states inform it of their electors by mid-December. But the president has no say-so in when the election is. “Mr. President! Mr. President! Would you move the election?” They’re asking Jay Carney. “Jay, would the president move the election? Huh? Huh? Will you move the election?” Slate.com is suggesting it; the Atlantic Monthly is out suggesting we move it. Can’t. It’s absolutely silly.



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