Latest on Benghazi: Tyrone Woods Painted a Target, But the Missile Never Came

Okay, coming up in the next hour, ladies and gentlemen, some of the highlights from a Saturday night show on Fox. Jeanine Pirro had the father of Tyrone Woods on. There’s something that has come up about Benghazi, about Tyrone Woods that needs to be pointed out with a question asked about it, and it’s this: The consulate was being shelled by mortar fire. Now, Tyrone Woods, Navy SEAL, violated three orders not to go.

And it’s not correct to say, folks, that they were ordered to stand down. That doesn’t quite cut it, because what that really means is they were told not to go help. They were told not to relieve the ambassador. They were told not to offer assistance. That’s what they were told. They weren’t told to stand down. What that means is, “Sit tight and don’t go there and don’t help.” He violated orders. He went over there.

He found where the mortar fire was coming from. He painted it with his laser. Now, folks, talk to anybody in the military. There’s only one reason you do that. He was painting where that mortar fire was coming from because he figured there was air support that was then gonna take that mortar location out. That’s why he was lasering it. He was effectively lighting it up.

He thought there was air support. He thought there was cover. Because all he did was tell the terrorists at the mortar control place where he was! They were able to find him, and it was that mortar fire that killed him. Now, why would he light it up? Why would he paint it if there was no assistance? He clearly thought there was. This becomes more outrageous as the days go by and as we continue to learn more and more about it.



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