It’s Obama, Not Romney, Who Can’t Relate to the Vast Majority of the American People

How do we synthesize this? Well, try this: In the midst of the presidential campaign, Barack Obama is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on commercials trying to convince people that he is the man of the middle class. He’s Mr. Roads and Bridges! (impression) “You didn’t build that! The people that built the roads and bridges, they’re the ones that make your factory bustle!” And here’s the guy, in the 2007 tape, saying he doesn’t want to build any roads in the suburbs.

Mr. Roads and Bridges himself wants no roads in the suburbs anymore. He doesn’t like you people in the suburbs. It’s not me saying it; he said it. He doesn’t like the fact you’ve fled the cities. You left the po’ behind, the po’ behind. They got the dilapidated schools and you’ve sought a better life and you left the po’ behind and you don’t care. Obama does, though. And his whole ad campaign now is that he’s the man of everybody.

He’s the man of 100% of the people!



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