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In the VP debate, when the issue of abortion came up, Joe Biden said that he personally believed that life began at conception, but that he wouldn’t impose his views on others. But by taking that stance, there is a much more diabolical imposing being done. That is, he’s not just saying that others are free to choose not to agree with him, he’s supporting the fact that those sexually irresponsible others are allowed to impose on people against abortion to pay for their abortions. So in the context of “choice” and “imposing”, he’s got it wrong. And he is imposing that worse view on us.

People can choose to do what they want to do, but not force others to aid and abet what they view as horrific. And then there’s the matter of can we, as a society with a conscience, allow the horrific procedure of abortion to even go on in our world. I

think that the solution to abortion needs to be handled on the level of restoring good morals in our society. If that were to happen, children would be welcomed into happy marriages. And if the marriages weren’t settled yet, there are birth control methods that aren’t artificial or murdering.

Another issue that comes up in this same regard is: how money is distributed. The current system could be viewed as having problems from two perspectives. That is, is pay fair? Are there people who are getting more compensation than they deserve from the general pool of money … and are there people not getting as much as they deserve? That issue would be generally resolved in a perfect world by how much contribution comes from each. I won’t deal with that here because it would be too long of a discussion.

What I will deal with is the other perspective, which is “the poor” and handouts. I see the democrat approach as primarily an attempt to manipulate the votes of the poor by allowing them to choose to see government handouts as their source of income. Obviously the Republican approach of focusing on what it takes to create jobs is more compassionate in helping the poor provide income for themselves. In that way they create income for themselves, maintain their dignity, not need to bury their guilt and low self-esteem under alcohol and drugs, and they contribute to the betterment for everyone with their work.

The communist and socialist experiments in the world versus the capitalist ones show that the capitalist countries have a better outcome, while the communist and socialist countries end in poverty because there is little incentive to do the work of business when you just have to give away a large chunk of your profits. And when these countries finally get that, they release the reins and allow people to keep what they earn and then go on to prosper (e.g. Russia and China). So hopefully in this election, people will understand and recognize that and vote Republican.

Dennis Marcellino is the author of eight books, including The Plague Of Liberalism (which can be seen at



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