Is it Over for Obama in North Carolina?

Now, I’ve been talking to you since earlier this week. Suffolk University polling says that they’re gonna stop polling in North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. Obama can’t win there. That was just a little blurb earlier in the week, and now they’ve caught up with it at “Suffolk University pollster David Paleologos, whose polls are aggregated into mainstream averages to show where the presidential race stands in the swing states, said he’s finished polling in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia because President Obama has no shot of winning those states.” Florida, North Carolina, Virginia. Can’t win there.

Before the debate the Suffolk poll had Obama ahead 46-43 in Florida. Now they’re pulling out; Obama can’t win there. That was the head-to-head number. “A poor place to be for a couple of reasons. Number one, his ballot test, his head-to-head number was below 47 percent before the debate, and it’s very, very difficult when you have the known quantity, the incumbent, to claw your way up to 50.” If the incumbent’s not at 50, it’s over. “So that was a very, very poor place for him to be. So we’re looking at this polling data not only in Florida but in Virginia and North Carolina and it’s overwhelming.” They’re pulling out of there.



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