Introducing ‘Ryan Girl’ Singing ‘Let’s Get Fiscal’

In 2008, the YouTube video “Crush on Obama” introducing “Obama Girl” swept the nation with astonishing speed and media attention.

On Saturday, a new video hit YouTube called “Let’s Get Fiscal” featuring Maredith Walker as “Ryan Girl” singing and aerobicizing to a reworked version of Olivia Newton John’s 1980s hit “Let’s Get Physical”.

Update: Walker wanted readers to be aware of the following:

Just to clarify (I saw a comment on your post re: this issue), I in no way, shape, or form meant anything inappropriate toward Ryan or his beautiful wife, Janna. I actually made it a point before the shoot to say that I didn’t want to take part in anything that could be misconstrued as anything other than silly comedy and a jab at the countless Obama videos. I love their marriage and think more couples should look to their example along with that of our future President Romney and First Lady, Ann.



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