Historic Destruction Leaves Millions Asking – What Now?

Twenty-four hours after millions on the East Coast awoke to their first glimpse of the devastation from monster storm Sandy, they now are left to ask: What do I do now?

Residents of the areas pummeled by Sandy began to look towards rebuilding efforts Wednesday, though many remain without power, neighborhoods remain strewn with debris and many transportation systems remain closed. At least 57 people have been reported dead as a result of the storm, which one economic firm predicted caused up $20 billion in damage.

New York City buses resumed their schedule and the New York Stock Exchange reopened its trading floor Wednesday, but it became clear that restoring the region to some semblance of normalcy could take days or considerably longer for communities that were the hardest hit.

“We will get through the days ahead by doing what we always do in tough times — by standing together, shoulder to shoulder, ready to help a neighbor, comfort a stranger and get the city we love back on its feet,” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.



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