Hillary Gets Dumped On Again!

It seems like she is talking to Big Bird. It’s the security professionals. Okay. Okay, so Hillary’s responsible like Janet Reno was responsible for the Waco invasion. But, ladies and gentlemen, I have a question. Who created the lie about the video? And why did Hillary peddle that lie? She appeared in an ad running in Pakistan, a television ad, spreading the myth that it was the video. So who created the lie about the video and why did Hillary peddle it? She stated it clearly and definitively, and for a week that was their story. And why did it take her so long to step up here?

Do they really think that we are this stupid? They do. And remember, now, this is a move made to the morons. I mean, that’s the Obama constituency. Okay, so after all this, after all the pressure, she finally flies to Peru and says, (imitating Clinton) “I take responsibility. Not the blame. I’m in charge here. Four people dead, and it happened on my watch, but I didn’t do it and Obama didn’t do it and Susan Rice didn’t do it. Well, Susan Rice mighta.” She mighta thrown her under the bus. But who told her about the video? Who created the lie about the video? This goes right to the top. That goes to Obama. That goes to the White House.



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