Gallup: Romney Holds Steady +7 Lead

Today’s tracking poll from Gallup confirms that Romney has opened a consistent, and significant, lead in the race against President Obama. After dipping a point yesterday, the poll finds Romney again leading Obama by 7 points among likely voters, 52-45. Romney even leads by 3-points among registered voters, a sample which gives Democrats an advantage. The Gallup poll has been remarkably steady since Romney surged into the lead.
Significantly, most of this poll was conducted after Tuesday’s second presidential debate. Obama was more energetic in that debate, it would have been just about impossible to not be, but the performance hasn’t translated into any kind of bounce in polling for Obama. While he didn’t “lose” this week’s debate, he certainly hasn’t done anything to arrest his erosion in the polls.

A month ago, baseball statistician Nate Silver bragged that Gallup had correctly predicted 18 of the last 20 elections. Of course, Obama was leading the Gallup poll then. Now that Gallup shows Romney with a solid lead, Silver and the rest of the left are hell-bent on attacking Gallup’s credibility. In fact, in a textbook case of confirmation bias, Silver has greeted Romney’s rise in the Gallup poll by arguing that Obama’s chances of reelection have increased. Apparently, Romney’s rise in the polls is dooming his campaign.



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