Flashback: JFK’s 1962 Speech Advocating Tax Cuts

Now, last night in the debate, Paul Ryan made reference to the fact that his tax plan is no different than Ronaldus Magnus and no different than JFK. At which point Joey said, (imitating Biden) “Ho, so, so now you’re Jack Kennedy, too, huh, kid?” And Ryan said, “I’m closer to him than you are.” Well, we, I think — it doesn’t matter — but I think we were the first popular, major media outlet to dredge up a speech made by President Kennedy, 1962, December 14th, in New York City at the New York Economic Club. It was JFK making the case for tax cuts as a means of growing the economy. In 1962.

There is no Democrat alive today who would make this speech. If JFK were alive today and hadn’t changed, he wouldn’t find room for himself in the Democrat Party. The things that JFK says in this speech are daily mocked, laughed at, impugned, made fun of, and the people who believe in these things are targeted for personal destruction. We got ’em from somewhere, is my point. We dredged ’em up from some archives. But we were the first major media outlet to find these in the archives and play them, and here they are. It’s old and scratchy, no doubt, it comes from 1962.



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