Figuring Out the “Undecideds”

I think that there is — I don’t know how large a percentage of the population, but I think there are some people, how to put this, ’cause I don’t want to sound like an Oprah viewer saying this. I think there are some people who, in effect, need permission to vote against Obama. They voted for him the first time and they bought into all the reasons why. Now they know that’s all fluff, but he’s still the first black president, and he’s trying so hard. He’s got so many people against him now, and it’s not enough for these people to be told by somebody like me or somebody else who is confidently decided like you. I think they might need to hear from others just like them who are going to vote against Obama this time so that they know it’s okay. In other words, I don’t think there’s so much undecided as afraid. There’s a little guilt they might feel. There was a lot of guilt in voting for Obama in 2008, Daniel, you’ll have to admit. A lot of people voted for Obama thinking that it would say great things about them. They could go out and say, “I voted Obama, I voted the black guy. I’m not racist. When you think somebody’s racist, I’m not, look at me, I’m not.”



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