Don’t Apologize for 47%, Mitt

Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a quick question because this has me a little nervous. Romney has, at least to me, gotten close a couple of times on the stump to apologizing for the 47% comment. Now, what if he does that tomorrow night? What if he apologizes for it? That would be bad. Don’t go there. Look, they don’t call me for my advice and I don’t call them with it. I figure if they want to know what I think, I’ll hear from ’em. They know how to reach me. But I wouldn’t apologize. It just opens too many doors.

Besides that, folks, there’s a dirty little secret here, and this is where it would really help if there were a lot of genuine Tea Party conservatives on Romney’s team, and that is, there are a lot of people who agreed with him when he made the comments about the 47%. That’s, to use a cliche, the dirty little secret here. So he’s gotta be very careful about apologizing. He seemed to get close to it a couple of times on the stump. It seems like the tendency is to just apologize, thinking that’ll get it off the table, and it won’t. That’s just a brand-new door open. Romney admits he was wrong, Romney admits, Romney admits, Romney admits, what else is Romney wrong about? What else does Romney need to apologize for? Does Romney need to apologize for letting the guy’s wife die? Does Romney need to apologize for sheltering his income? They can revive every ad that Obama’s run.

Anyway, Gallup is out, daily tracking, Romney holds his two-point lead for the fourth straight day. So this debate thing’s more than a bounce now. You can’t say that there was a bounce coming out of the debate because four straight days he’s held his two-point lead in the Gallup daily tracking. But don’t apologize for a statistical fact.



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