News is breaking that the Obama administration is circumventing Congress and purchasing a prison facility in Illinois in which to house detainees once Gitmo is shut down.

The facility, Thomson Prison, is being purchased for “at least $165 million” and Rep. Peter King (R-NY), Chairman of House Committee on Homeland Security, believes the intention to house Gitmo inmates there is a foregone conclusion.

Reps. Hal Rogers (R-KY) and Frank Wolf (R-VA) have both been vehement and outspoken in their opposition to this move by the Obama administration. Wolf , who is Chairman of the House Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Committee, has already said “no” to the funding request and blasted Attorney General Eric Holder for urging Obama to transfer and release terrorist detainees in the past.

Yet the Obama administration marches on, determined to purchase the facility.

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