Did Obama Blame the Movie for the Colorado Shooting?

Ladies and gentlemen, just a brief question here. Do you remember when the latest Batman movie came out? What was it, The Dark Knight Rises? In Colorado, a guy shows up and shoots up the theater, and there were people that died in that massacre, right? Did Obama and the media blame the film? Did they blame the filmmaker? I mean, if there was a connection to the film, you could make a great case that this wacko was affected by the movie.

I wonder what woulda happened if Obama woulda said in the aftermath of that incident that the video, the movie, the film was responsible. The filmmaker. ‘Cause those are his Hollywood buddies. Now, remember what they did? They tried to find that the guy was a member of the Tea Party. Brian Ross says, “Yeah, this guy’s a member of the Tea Party!” He was wrong. They were trying to find the guy that shot up the theater in Aurora, Colorado, was a conservative.

That’s the exact case they were trying to make with the filmmaker of this video that supposedly makes fun of the Prophet Mohammed. Just a little question, just a little observation. I’m not trying to stir anything up. No, nothing of the sort. I’m just trying to point out the hypocrisy and the lack of consistency with these people. Even after everybody knows it’s not a video, they keep blaming it on the movie. Then in an instance where a movie — or at least the characters in the movie — might have actually had some impact?



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