Christie Welcomes Obama to the Post-Obama Era

The media have thrilled to the sight of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie offering words of praise for President Barack Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy. The prospect of the president’s tour of the devastation Wednesday has journalists and Obama supporters giddy with glee.

Viewing the event–as usual–through a purely political lens, the left’s pundits are celebrating their luck: could this be the October surprise that saves Obama?

Conservatives have largely ignored the supposed Christie-Obama bromance, because most understand that this is simply what elected leaders are supposed to do. Governors must look out for their states’ interests first, and in disasters, that means working closely with the federal government, including the president. Presidents are, likewise, supposed to do what they can to help, and rally the nation’s support without causing distraction.

So, when President Obama gave a moving address at a memorial for the victims of the Tucson shootings in January 2011, conservatives were united in their praise for his appeal to national unity–even though most also understood that his calls for “civility” fed an anti-Tea Party narrative, and that he had no intention of honoring them himself. Most leapt to embrace the president for doing what he had so rarely done before: his job.



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