Chicago’s Susan Crown, Influential Obama ’08 Supporter, Campaigns for Romney ’12

Businesswoman and philanthropist Susan Crown, a former Obama supporter and a member of one of Chicago’s most influential families, told an audience of over 300 women and men, “In the midst of the Obama administration, I became profoundly disappointed, disillusioned and actually a little angry.”

Democrats, Republicans and self-described independents recently came together to hear how one of President Obama’s own prominent supporters is now using her considerable talent and energy to get Gov. Mitt Romney elected the next President of the United States. They gathered at a modest complimentary luncheon in the ballroom of a hotel in Naperville, Illinois sponsored by the DuPage Business Council. The event was a “Women in Leadership” forum, where Crown gave a brief introduction, then took questions from the audience. Outside the ballroom, four self-employed women from a neighboring suburb sold red-white-blue elephant earrings, US flag pins, GOP/elephant jewelry, and t-shirts with glittery “Romney” lettering.

“I am pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and don’t think the government belongs in a lot of those issues,” Crown said.



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