Biden’s Infuriating Benghazi Lies

Something that we spoke about yesterday quite extensively, and that is the security situation in our embassies, particularly in Libya and Cairo. Now, in the debate last night Martha Raddatz, just to get it out of the way and just to show everybody she wasn’t going to be the cheat that she turned out to be — and let’s make no mistake, I mean, she cheated, which is okay, we knew she was going to cheat. We know she’s a liberal Democrat. We know she wants Biden to do well. We know that she wants Ryan to not do well. So she cheated. We knew that going in. Ryan-Romney knew it going in. I’m sure it was part of their strategery.

But she throws that first question out to Biden, (imitating Raddatz) “What happened? For crying out loud, you said it was a video, it wasn’t a video,” and so forth. And then Biden started running with it, (imitating Biden) “Well, you know, they didn’t tell us about security. They didn’t tell us there was any increased security. I didn’t get that call that said, ‘Joey, we need some more security here, pal,’ didn’t get that call. I didn’t know. We didn’t know. Barack didn’t know. I didn’t know.” And I’m standing up at the moment, I’ve come off my couch. What do you mean, you’re blaming the intel? What do you mean you don’t know? This is something you guys were gonna fix.

I remember weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I remember the intel, worldwide intel said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. It turned out that there weren’t as many or any weapons of mass destruction and people like Joe Biden and Barack Obama said, “And you believed the intel? The intel lied, the intel, you made it up, the intel, you forced ’em to give –” So back then the intel was not allowed to be an explanation for something that went wrong. Today, “Oh, hell, I’ll dump on the CIA. I’ll dump on anybody in the intel community to save Barack’s butt, to save my butt. I’m Joey. I’m not going down the tubes in this debate, not with this little clown looking kid sitting next to me. So, hell, I’ll happily throw the intel people — I know Martha’s not gonna call me on it and I know the media’s not gonna call me on it. I’ll be able to get away with dumping the intel.”



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