Biden: Middle Class Buried by Barry

BIDEN: This is deadly earnest, man. This is deadly earnest! How they can justify — how they can justify — raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years! How, in Lord’s name?

RUSH: So he just indicts his own administration. He indicts Obama. He indicts the last four years of the regime as having “buried the middle class,” and then compounds it with a lie that Romney’s gonna raise taxes on the middle class. Romney is not gonna raise taxes! This is a huge lie, by the way, that Obama’s getting away with. If anybody’s gonna raise taxes on anybody, it’s Obama, and he’s telling everybody he’s going to do it!

He’s already done it with the mandate for health care. You’re either gonna pay a fine or you’re gonna buy insurance. It doesn’t matter what your income level. You don’t get an exemption from that. There are 1,600 new IRS agents to make sure that you either have health insurance or you pay the fine on your tax return. It’s a tax said the Supreme Court. The administration tried to say it wasn’t a tax, that it was a penalty, a fee. What an unadulterated mess. It’s Obama raising taxes. It isn’t Romney.



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