Biden Admits: ‘Yes We Do’ Want To Raise Taxes $1T

This is exactly what Mitt Romney was talking about during last night’s debate with respect to “trickle-down government” and the promised Obama-tax increase that will will hit our biggest small businesses and cost the economy 700,000 jobs.

Regardless, after the last four years of failure, who in their right mind believes Obama and Biden have any idea what they’re doing? And who in their right minds believe Obama and Biden will do a smarter job of spending this money than the private sector?

Taking a trillion dollars out of the economy, especially away from job creators, when our economy is slowing and has slowed to 1.2% is nothing more than economic suicide.

This is a huge gaffe on Vice President Joe Biden’s part. Instead of using the dishonest language of “letting the Bush tax cuts expire,” Biden finally comes straight out and tells the truth:



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