Biden Admits Middle Class ‘Buried the Last Four Years’

Slow Joe Biden got “deadly earnest” at a rally today and in trying to tell a lie (Romney will raise middle class taxes) accidentally told two truths.

1. The middle class have been buried for the last four years.

2. While referencing Romney’s tax policies, Biden says “with these tax cuts.”

Romney’s plan is to cut tax rates across the board for everyone, including the middle class. This is how Ronald Reagan turned a devastating recession into a vibrant economy that doubled treasury revenues — so we know it will work. You know, unlike a near-trillion dollar stimulus we now have nothing to show for except higher unemployment, increased poverty, $6 trillion in additional debt, and a GDP headed towards a second recession.

As is the case with almost everything involving the Obama campaign (Libya, Bain, outsourcing, etc.), the President is brazenly lying about Romney’s plans to increase taxes on the middle class.

But when the media only enables and backs up your lies, why not?



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