After a lifetime of meticulous planning, relentless self-discipline, and a potent brew of hard work and good fortune, Mitt Romney has the presidency nearly within reach.

The pursuit of that ultimate political prize, which he first caught whiff of when his father chased it more than four decades ago, has been Romney’s sole vocation over the last half-dozen years.

He has pursued it with rare vigor, slogging through a nomadic existence of takeout meals, countless handshakes and canned speeches.

Over that time, there have been more than a few moments when his quest seemed like it might come to an unceremonious end. But the political destiny Mitt Romney has been working toward for so long has never been more attainable than it is now with just 19 days left till the election.

Not one to indulge in introspection when there is still much work to do, the GOP nominee has neither the time nor inclination to reflect on his odyssey before the votes are tallied on Nov. 6.

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