Barbara Walters Explains How the Debates Changed Mitt Romney’s Image

Interesting yesterday on The View on ABC, Barbara Walters talking about Mitt Romney and the three presidential debates, and Barbara Walters is explaining here to the audience of The View why Romney did well, why Romney won the debates. Barbara Walters is explaining the impact that Romney had and why his debate strategy worked. Now, I want you to understand something as you listen to this. As irritating as it might be to you, you go into that debate on Monday night, and the partisans have made up their minds. There’s nothing that can happen in that debate, for example, to make you change your mind, vote for Obama, there’s nothing.

By the same token, there’s nothing gonna happen in that debate to make a committed Obama voter change his or her mind. Who’s left? Well, these people that are amazingly undecided, can’t pull the trigger, don’t know what to do, undecided for a whole host of reasons. That’s the target audience, and a lot of them, we’re told, were women. So you have to keep that in mind when you listen here, because I would venture to say that the target audience that Romney was aiming for in that debate Monday night was the people that watch The View. I want you to listen to her and listen to her audience reaction.

WALTERS: Before these debates, the general impression of Romney was that he wasn’t too smart, and that he was very stiff, and that if he happened to be elected president, it would be a disaster. Now, you know, I don’t give my opinions here. What you have after these three debates is that people feel, whether they want to vote for him or not, that this is a qualified man, this is an intelligent man, and this is a man who we now don’t describe as stiff and totally out of touch. What is the most important thing for Romney is that he’s a different person seen by the public now than he was before the three debates.



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