Barack is Back? Romney Lead Widens to Six (51-45) in Gallup Daily Tracking Poll

And we have the new Gallup poll, the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, the rolling average poll, seven days, and Romney is pulling ahead now 51-45. It was 50-46 yesterday, now 51-45 in the Gallup Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. Now, the way I have it, six points, 45 and six would be 51. That’s right. Notice how quickly I did that, 51-45, Gallup daily tracking, Romney up over Obama. Something is happening out there, folks.

That doesn’t even sound close, does it? I mean, that’s pretty devastating. So my question is, how do you get in the overall poll, 46 say Obama won the debate, 39 say Romney, and then you get those numbers? Well, it’s not even close. It’s 58-40 on the economy; it is 49-46 on health care; it’s 51-44 taxes; and 59-36 on the deficit, all in favor of Romney, CNN poll. Wolf depressed. Then they bring in John King, who used to have his own show at CNN. Did they get rid of John King for Client No. 9? Was John King moved out for Eliot Spitzer or did Spitzer get moved out and King put in? King is back to reporting now, and he says that if the numbers that Wolf just recited are true, then it’s over.



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