Are Some in the Chain of Command Still Haunted by Carter’s Failed Rescue in 1979?

We are United States of America. We are the world’s lone remaining military superpower. All of these things that we’re being told we’re not capable of doing, we didn’t have the right intel, none of that is true. We’re the United States of America. We have capability beyond that which anybody can conceive, a civilian, anyway. It’s why it’s kept secret. And the story that has been used to explain this is — they’ve willingly said that they’re incompetent. They’ve not used the word. They’ve willingly said that we’re inept. “Well, there were so many e-mails coming in.” We find out that there’s a special code, flash traffic, it’s got top secret code words, you get one of those, it flies to the top, response is required. It has to be walked up to the next person in command. Of course there are procedures like this in place.

It isn’t like you sitting at your computer being inundated with e-mails at five in the afternoon or IMs and not knowing what to do. There are systems here, and they worked. They were in place. This was somebody who refused to make a gutsy call. This is why the families are upset. They find out what’s going on, because they know the role of the president is to defend and protect the people who are in harm’s way in this country, and that did not happen here. You heard him say that there’s a lingering fear that’s resulted in a defensive posture over the failed Carter effort in the deserts of Iran in 1979 to get the hostages out then, even though there have been many successful missions since. But if you doubt that, as some of you might have been hearing him, “Wait a minute, there really –” Remember, now, there are two kinds of generals.

There are warrior generals and there are politically correct corporate climb-the-ladder generals and admirals and what have you. And if you find this hard to believe, “Well, I do, Rush, because it’s the military.” The military is politicized just like anything. Remember the GOP. What is the primary reason the Republican Party is afraid of a conservative presidential nominee? Barry Goldwater’s landslide defeat. It’s what informs them to this day. They can’t get over that. They don’t see the Reagan landslides of ’80 and ’84. They see Goldwater ’64. There are plenty of establishment types that do. So what Doug was telling us here is you got enough people in the chain of command who still have lingering fears over the debacle of Jimmy Carter’s rescue attempt in 1979. That sounds hard to believe, but believe me, this guy knew what he was talking about. There can be no doubt about that.



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