Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly is calling for the Associated Press to fire its staff responsible for distributing an unflattering photo of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney who was crouching in front of a young girl, but the AP is now only offering an apology of sorts.

The image, snapped Monday by AP photographer Evan Vucci in front of a school in Fairfield, Va., shows Romney bending over to prepare for a photo opportunity, and a girl standing behind him reacting with her mouth wide open.

“That picture never ever should have been published,” O’Reilly said Tuesday night. “You take a picture like that and you throw it away! Because there’s nothing worthy about it.”

“They would not have done that to President Obama. We all know that. So the person who did that at the Associated Press, who put that picture out on the wire, should be fired,” he continued. “Whoever sent that out, whatever person sent that out, if I were in charge of the AP would have been fired.”

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