Another Off-the-Wall Jobs Figure

It’s the second week in a row that doesn’t make any sense. I wasn’t gonna spend any time on it today because I looked at it today, I said, “This is just as off the wall as last week’s unemployment number.” I said, “I’ll just leave this to Jack Welch. He’s got it covered.” And then I see that there’s a state that didn’t report on time! Whoa! There’s a state that didn’t report on time. So that got my interest. ‘Cause, folks, I don’t believe anything this regime puts out. And look, for those of you in the conservative blogosphere, if you think I’m seeing conspiracies, deal with it. I’m not seeing conspiracies; I’m seeing leftists. I know how leftists play the game. If they have a chance to falsify things to make themselves look better than they are, they’ll do it. It’s time you woke up to realize their potential.

At any rate, Henry Blodget today writing at Business Insider: “We’ve Gotten to the Bottom of the Mysterious Jobless Claims Report! — After this morning’s surprisingly positive jobless claims…” Folks, the real numbers before any of the adjustments are made… It may be unfair to go back and look at the unadjusted numbers because I could be guilty of what I’m accusing the regime of ’cause the unadjusted numbers are never reported, everything’s always seasonally adjusted, and everybody accepts that. But I still thought, I want to go see what the real numbers are before they started adjusting things, because every week they always revise the adjustment, and it always gets worse than it was when originally reported.

So here you go. The real live number of new claims… well, it’s pretty hard to see what seasonal adjustment can… actual increase of 25,990 claims. The hard number, in real life before any adjustment, there was an increase of nearly 26,000 claims for unemployment. By the time the BLS puts their story out with the adjustments that they make, and they do this with every report, so I’m not being accusatory here, but there was an actual increase of 26,000 new claims for unemployment. That became a decrease of 30,000 from the previous week.



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