Al Smith Dinner “Humanizes” Romney

Now to the Al Smith dinner at the Waldorf “Hysteria” in New York last night. The guests were the presidential candidates and their wives. Although Moochelle was not there. Moochelle was out. I don’t know where she was last night. I read earlier in the day she gave some great speech at some place on Park Avenue and talked about how great her guy is, her “baby daddy,” some such thing.

But Mr. and Mrs. Romney were there, and I looked at the dais. It was all media people back there. I wondered what happened. Katie Couric was sitting back there. Did you see that? She was the first media person I recognized. “How did this woman end up there? Wherever Tony Bennett is, she is. How does this happen?” I looked around, I saw Roger Ailes and said, “Whoa.”

I looked around. “There’s Chris Matthews sitting there. My gosh, what’s going on? The whole thing is a media thing now?” At any rate, Romney. It’s white tie. For those of you in Rio Linda, that means it’s a tuxedo with a white bow tie that you tie yourself. They don’t let you in if you have a clip-on white tie, which means you couldn’t get in. In fact, I don’t think most people would even know where to go to get a white tie. Not just Rio Lindans, anybody. (interruption)

(interruption) Do you know where…? Where would you go to get a white tie? (interruption) I don’t know. (interruption) You can get a white tie at Jos. A. Bank? (interruption) You can? Really? (interruption) Okay, cool. (interruption) You like white tie better? I think everybody looks like a waiter in one, but that’s just me. When you can’t tell the difference in the shirt and the tie, it looks like some Nehru jacket with a white tie. It looks like a waiter.

Anyway…. (interruption) Oh, it was tails. It was tails. It was tails. Chris Matthews when he stood up his front shirttail was untucked. I said, “They let anybody in.” That was probably, by the way, him trying to rekindle the tingle up the leg and figured the shirttail untucked would be a more direct route. Here is Mitt Romney, 67th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner last night.



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