A couple of years ago, Roger Ailes would muse from time to time that maybe he would hang it up after the 2012 election and slip gracefully into retirement. Not many people believed him. And with good reason, as it turned out.

The Fox News chairman has just signed a new, four-year deal with News Corp., as I reported exclusively on Twitter (hey, tweets are like AP dispatches these days). Those who can’t stand him or Fox will still have Ailes to kick around, at least through 2016.

For starters, Ailes, 72, isn’t the retiring type. He’s in good health and simply wasn’t ready to walk away. He has made clear in past interviews that he believes the country is at a crossroads. Whether we’re looking at a second Obama term or a Romney administration, Ailes wants to be engaged as head of a news organization whose commentators reflect his aggressively political views. Various Republican presidential contenders, including Mitt Romney, felt the need to meet with Ailes during the primaries, and a couple of them—Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum—had been on his payroll.



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