2007 Video Shows the Real Barack Obama: Angry, Race-Baiting, Fear-Mongering Liberal

I don’t know. I saw a very scary guy. I saw a guy really, really angry, you know, and then I saw a guy — this is 2007. He’s running for president. He’s trying to tell everybody he’s postracial, post this, post that. I know he’s speaking to a black audience, but just like when he speaks to the unions, the truth comes out.

My first reaction when I saw the tape was, “ho-hum.” And the reason my reaction was “ho-hum” is ’cause nothing on it is new. And everybody in this audience, “Yeah, we’ve seen it, we’ve heard it.” I mean, I’ve always known this guy is an angry guy. I’ve always known this guy has a chip on his shoulder. I’ve always known this guy’s got a problem with this country. And I’ve always known that there was no truth to this business that he was postracial. He’s a liberal. None of this was surprising to me.

So then the questions begin, “Well, okay, who’s gonna see this besides us? Is the Romney campaign gonna use this?” You know, the Obama campaign keeps using the Romney 47% comment. I think the Romney campaign ought to use this. But they won’t. They don’t have it in ’em. It just makes ’em nervous. They don’t want to go there, anything involving race. They think it’s gonna end up backfiring on ’em and then the media would try to make sure that would happen.



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