Why the Regime Blamed the Video

I’ll tell you, there are probably a bunch of reasons. But here’s what I think they were trying to do. You have to understand how these people think, how they really are. They have knee-jerk reactions to things. They have narratives and things that trigger them into believing those narratives. So here you had this happen. What was the filmmaker? He was Christian. What does that mean to a liberal? It means extreme, right-wing freak or what have you. I think that the first thing they tried to do was turn this into a campaign issue rather than a national security or foreign policy issue.

I think when this happened somebody in the White House, either the administration or the campaign, saw an opportunity to link this filmmaker with Romney. Even though Romney’s a Mormon, he’s still a conservative, and this guy — the filmmaker — is a conservative, and what was he doing? This guy was making fun of the Prophet, making fun of Islam and so forth. I think there was an effort here to turn this into a campaign issue. I also think they would love nothing more than to be able to clamp down on free speech. They would love nothing more than that. It’s like Fast and Furious.

They would love nothing more than to take guns away from people. If you remember when Gabrielle Giffords was shot, it was Sarah Palin. When The Dark Knight Rises incident happened in Colorado, it was the Tea Party. They’re like Pavlov’s dog. When an event like this happens, they knee-jerk, they go immediately to “it’s the Republicans’ fault. It’s the conservatives’ fault.” In this case the benefit was, if they could pull that off that it would hurt Romney, because it would make people afraid of voting for Romney because these are the kind of people that want Romney elected, these are the kind of people that would end up running the government, running the country, wackos and freaks and kooks like this.



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