Why Liberals Sympathize with Militant Islam

They want us to see it as some really rare occurrence that is radical and has nothing to do with mainstream anything. It doesn’t happen that much. But to the extent that it does, it’s because there are conservatives that these people don’t like. If a… Let me put it this way. Answer this question with intellectual honesty: “If your average liberal had a choice to rid the world of Muslim extremism or American conservatism, what do you think the liberal would choose?”

And before you answer, try to remember what you’ve been told about what’s being taught in schools about who the real enemy is in America today. The real enemy is any Republican and any conservative, and for all the cliched reasons. By the same token, do teachers in schools rev their kids up to the dangers of militant Islam? “No way! We can’t offend those people,” but you can offend American conservatives all day long. You give your average liberal a choice:

“Okay, tomorrow the world is going to be absent either militant Muslims or militant conservatives. Which do you choose?” They’d vote us, folks, off the boat. I have no doubt about it, and I’m not kidding or exaggerating. I think we represent a bigger threat to them because we stand for the exact opposite. They are in common on their controlling characteristics, domineering characteristics, their arrogance.

They want to control everything, everybody.

They want to be in control of things that people eat, drink, use, high-tech, all this. Liberals have to have control over people, largely based in the belief… Well, it’s a raw thirst for power but it’s also rooted in the fact they have contempt for people’s ability to handle the rigors of life on their own. The Islamists want to do it just to keep this rigid moral code intact and fealty to the “Holy Qur’an,” as President Obama pronounces it. And we are diametrically opposed to all of it.

We want freedom, individual responsibility, individuality, entrepreneurism. You make the best of life however you can. Equality of outcomes is not possible. They want sameness everywhere, even sameness in dress. It’s really striking when you think about it, all the areas of similarity. It really is. When a terrorist act happens, what’s the liberals’ first reaction? Blame conservatives! Dark Knight Rising? Tea Party! Gabby Giffords? Sarah Palin!

You name it.



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