Why Don’t Hollywood Movies Made by Liberals Inflame the Muslim World?

Okay, here’s a great, great, great, great question. Here we’ve got on one hand, some unknown who has produced something nobody’s ever seen, a video that is reputed to make fun of Mohammed. It’s been seen by 12 people back in June at a screening in LA. This video is being blamed by the Obama administration for virtually every terrorist act last week in the Middle East. Upcoming is a Hollywood production of a movie highlighting the death of bin Laden. It is produced or directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who did The Hurt Locker, which won an Epidemic Award, and it comes from Sony Pictures.

And Janet here is exactly right. This movie — in fact, it was originally scheduled to be released during the campaign, and it was designed to help Obama and carry forth this tough guy, big guarantee protector of the United States president, “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” And they moved it back a little bit, but it’s still gonna come out at some point, and it doesn’t matter when. Her question is right on the money. If an unknown YouTube video of 15 minutes can cause the death of an ambassador and protests and fires and flags being torn down at 21 embassies, what the hell is a full-fledged Hollywood two-hour movie celebrating the death of bin Laden gonna do?



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