Why Did I Say the Chicago Teachers Strike is Tailor-Made for Obama?

Yes, it is an unsightly sight. Obama’s biggest union supporters, the teachers unions in Chicago, are on strike. They don’t want to be accountable. Rahm Emanuel wants them teaching more frequently. What is it Rahm wants? A seven-hour school day. This is one of the worst-performing teacher systems in the country. They’re one of the highest paid. Emanuel wants a seven-hour workday, and they’re on strike over that money and accountability.

And Obama lurks in the sidelines waiting for the right opportune moment to move in. Of course, it’s been predicted by me, El Rushbo, that the whole thing’s a setup. You think Obama wants this dragging into his campaign? You think he wants it to become a factor in the election? It already is perhaps becoming that with Ryan and Romney coming out in solidarity with the kids and with the mayor. But that’s going to tick him off. They may…

Rahm and the teachers and Obama may unify! (laughing) They hate us, folks. They despise us. Do you think Rahm Emanuel is happy to have Ryan and Romney on his side? He doesn’t want that. They hate us. They hate us more than they hate al-Qaeda. They would let the militant Islamists have a mosque at Ground Zero faster than they’d let us build a church anywhere. It’s going to be fascinating to watch how this thing manifests itself.



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