From everything we’ve learned since the murder of our Libyan Ambassador, Chris Stevens, two weeks ago on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, the White House has done nothing but lie to the American people and our compliant media. We were told that a spontaneous protest over an anti-Muslim film resulted in the death of Stevens and three other Americans. Now it looks as though Stevens was targeted and assassinated in a pre-planned attack by al-Qaeda.

We’ve also learned that the Libyan government, intelligence reports, and al-Qaeda itself warned of these attacks in advance, and yet there were no extra security precautions taken. My God, there weren’t even Marines stationed there.

From where I see things, in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, the White House was desperate to ensure this story was never allowed to crystallize into what it is: A preventable terrorist that resulted in the death of three Americans and the first assassination of an American ambassador since 1979.

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