Which Campaign is in Disarray?

A rising number of stories about the disarray the Romney campaign is in. And, in fact, if you listen to the Fox News Channel, you can hear certain conservatives say the same thing. The reason these conservatives are saying that is ’cause they’re not getting out of the campaign what they would do if they were campaigning. So the foreign policy crowd in the Republican Party is upset that Romney is not talking enough about that. The social issues crowd is upset that he’s not talking enough about that. And the economic crowd is upset that he’s not talking enough about that.

But if you ask me, the real disarray is in the Obama administration, not the least of which would include the campaign. We were talking about the media bubble last week. It’s clear what’s happened. The order has gone out from on high that the Romney camp is in disarray. That’s the narrative, and it’s to cover up the fact that there is an implosion going on in this administration. How in the world can this administration and this campaign of Obama’s not be in disarray? Look at what they’ve got to deal with. They have destroyed the US middle class. They are destroying the American economy. Foreign policy is an embarrassment. We weren’t prepared for attacks on our embassies on 9/11. They’re blaming it on a YouTube video. The glaring incompetence, anybody willing to spend more than five minutes looking, the path takes you right to the White House.

So we get all these stories about the disarray in the Romney campaign: how Romney’s not doing this and Romney’s not doing that and Romney’s not doing the right thing on foreign policy and Romney’s not doing this and so forth. Let me tell you something. I got a story here. Associated Press, it cleared yesterday. “President Barack Obama will launch a new trade enforcement case against China Monday, using the power of incumbency to counter Republican Mitt Romney’s criticism that he is ceding American jobs to the Asian power.”



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